Enrollment Information

Our Space

Wild Pear offers a multifaceted environment which is designed to support the unique Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 12.44.28 PMdevelopmental needs of the children they serve. We have two indoor classroom spaces; the daylight basement and the main floor living/dinning room. We also have a fenced space we call “the upper yard” measuring just over 500 square feet that includes a massive sand box and several covered spaces. At times we have used this space as an outdoor classroom for focused activities, and other times for open ended free play. Our fully fenced “lower yard” spans about a half an acre and provides ample space for children to run, dig, climb, build, and slide. We have five garden boxes and several fruiting trees in the lower yard along with our friendly laying hens. The modified green house now serves as an outside, fresh air dinning hall for meals and snacks. All of this boarders Johnson Creek which we can see and hear while we play.

Families who have been with us for years can tell you that our space is constantly evolving and adapting- being transformed by the children, and for the children, as their needs and interests grow and change. We also modify things as the weather changes throughout the year. Of course this past year really tested our creative abilities as we shifted to emergency child care during the COVID pandemic and moved 95% of our programing outdoors.

Hours & Rates

Wild Pear is open Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 5:30pm

Our school year runs from September through the end of May. During this time we are closed for two weeks of winter break, one week of spring break, along with two family conference days, two professional development days, and all major holidays. We also offer summer programing that runs from June through August. We typically close for one week in August to allow teachers to focus on preparations for the new school year. A calendar of specific closure dates are given to families when they enroll and is made available during tours. 

We have full day (7:30-5:30) and half day (7:30-12:30) options with the following tuition schedule:

Preschool tuition (Children ages 3-5)

Five full days: $1250; Five half days: $775

Four full days: $1100; Four half days: $675

Three full days: $950; Three half days: $575

Two full days: $800; Two half days: $475

Infant/Toddler tuition (Children under 36 months)

Five full days: $1750; Five half days: $1025

Four full days: $1600; Four half days: $9025

Three full days: $1450; Three half days: $825

Two full days: $1300; Two half days: $725

After school for Lewelling Elementary students

$32 each day the child is in care

*We gladly welcome families enrolled in the ERDC program or who plan to pay for childcare using a government subsidy.

*We raise our rates annually in September to account for cost of living increases and inflation.

Annual enrollment

We enroll new children each September and asks families to commit to a full school year (which ends June first). Summer care at WPP is often flexible, accommodating families who work less in the summer months and new fall students who’d like to begin a bit early. The new student enrollment fee is $300, and returning families pay a $200 re-enrollment fee. Parents are invited to volunteer their time, skills, and labor throughout the year. They are also able to apply a $10/hour credit to their tuition account for up to $200.

Would you like to enroll your child?

Wonderful! The first step is to send us an email that tells us a bit about your family, your child, and what you are looking for. We will typically respond within a few weeks and will send you a waitlist form that you will need to submit along with a $20 non-refundable fee.

We know that securing high quality care and education for your child can be a time sensitive situation. We are truly a small business and Jeannie and Susan handle all the office work along with being full time teachers. We often cannot answer our phones or make calls regarding general enrollment questions. Using email helps us to remain organized, in sync, and able to respond to families promptly. (You’d be surprised how many emails we can read and respond to before 6am!) If your situation feels particularly urgent, please mention that in your initial email and we will hold that in mind as we manage our time. 

We hold tours every spring, and occasionally into summer. We always want to meet children along with their parents to show everyone around the school and give you time to ask questions before anyone makes a final decision about enrollment.

After meeting perspective families, we process everything as quickly as possible, with the goal to create well balanced cohorts and striving to coordinate each family’s preferred schedule. 

Once we determine a family’s enrollment options, we will contact them via email. They will need to make a choice to either enroll or pass on the slot. If they choose to pass, they will retain their place on the waitlist and the next family on the list will be offered the slot. 

Families will have up to one week to decide if they want the available slot. If they do, they will need to pay a $500 non-refundable enrollment deposit which will hold their slot for up to 3 weeks. It will then be credited in part to the child’s enrollment fee and the rest will be credited to the first month of tuition. If a family decides to accept a slot that is not their first preference (ie Family wants full time, but accepts a 3 day/week slot) they may choose to retain their place on the waitlist and will therefore have the first option to switch into a more ideal slot once it becomes available. 

 Priority is given families with siblings who are currently enrolled at Wild Pear. As such, a current family looking to change their slot, or add a sibling will be added to the top of the waitlist and are not required to pay the $20 fee. 

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