Wild Pear Scholarship Information

We know childcare is expensive and we gladly welcome families enrolled in the ERDC program or who plan to pay for childcare using another government subsidy. If your family does not qualify for ERDC but you still struggle to afford tuition, we may be able to help you with a partial scholarship. 

Scholarships are available for up to 9 enrolled families. Priority scholarships will go to families who are above ERDC’s initial income limits (200% of the federal poverty level) but still below their exit income limit (250% of the federal poverty level). To qualify for priority scholarships, proof of income will need to be submitted along with the scholarship application. 

If there are less than 9 families who qualify based on the above income limits, we will consider additional applications of families who requested a scholarship. Families who are requesting a non-priority scholarship do not need to include proof of income, but do need to attach a statement explaining why they are applying for a scholarship.

Applying for a scholarship does not guarantee a family will receive one. Scholarships will be granted for the duration of the school year with a monthly award amount between $100 and $800. The amount awarded will be based on individual family need and the total number of scholarship recipients. 

You can find the Scholarship Application Form here.

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