School Age Summer Camp

Are you looking for fun, safe, outdoor camp-style care for your 5-10 year old? Wild Pear is thrilled to be offering weekly science, art, and nature based camps this year! Kids will have lots of time to play and enjoy their days while also being engaged in hands on exploration of a variety of super exciting topics. Each week cost $275  and will run Monday- Friday 8:30-3:30, with the exception of the July 4th closure. Free and flexible drop off starts at 7:30 each morning, and each day a free morning snack will be provided.  Optional after care is available from 3:30-5:30 every day camp is open with the exception of July 22nd, and will include an afternoon snack. Aftercare cost $100 per week. We gladly accept ERDC/DHS.

Check out the rad themes for this Summer’s camps and sign up here.

Nature Potions (June 20-24): This week we will explore the many different fun and magical potions we can create from natural ingredients. We will explore potions that are healing, relaxing, and even edible! Each day children will have a potion to bring home and share with you.
Playful Projectiles (June 27- July 1): It’s time to make things fly, fling, and fall as we explore catapults, rockets, darts, and bow and arrows! Of course, safety will be a priority and it’s very likely children will need a change of clothes as we will explore a range of materials to project across the yard, at targets, and maybe even at one another.
All About Plants (July 5-8): During this shorter week, we will spend time identifying and foraging useful plants in the neighborhood. We will draw, press, and take rubbings of our various samples and get our hands dirty as we plant some of our own seeds and starts.
Backyard Birds (July 11-15): Scrub Jays, and Flickers, and hummers- oh my! We will learn more about which birds make their home in this area and try our hand at identifying and mimicking their calls. Campers will help create an inviting space for birds in the school yard and in their own backyards through the creation of their own bird feeders and even a bird house!
It’s Electric (July 18-22): Our brains will be lighting up as we explore circuits and electric currents. We will be learning the basics of electricity safety and trying our hand at creating a potato clock and maybe even our own lamps! There is no after care on Friday the 22nd.
Mystery Camp (July 25-29): We can’t give too much away about the mysteries this camp week will hold. Campers will have to follow clues, decipher codes, and solve mysterious puzzles to uncover various treasures and rewards.
Power of the Sun (Aug 1-5): Even though it’s far away, the sun still supplies us with incredible amounts of power! Along with learning some out-of-this-world facts about the sun, we will try our hand at sundials, sunprints, sun tea, and even see what we can cook in our DIY solar ovens.
Creek Science (Aug 8-12): This week we will be ankle deep in the waters of Johnson Creek! We will observe and identify plants and animals that live in the creek habitat, collect and test water samples, and do some water flow activities to better understand bridges, dams and the water cycle.
DIY Snack (Aug 15-19): Campers will be working for their food this week as we make our own snacks from scratch! Dehydrated fruit, bread and butter, quick pickles, fruit preserves, and of course a new flavor of popsicle each day!
Useful Mess (Aug 22-26): Making a mess is always fun, but some messes actually end up being quite useful! This week we will turn muck and gunk into paper, cups, candles, soap, and tie dye.
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