About the teachers

Jeannie Suihkonen

I am proud to say that, I have chosen to be in the Early Childhood Education field for 28 years! During this time I both owned and operated my own successful family child care business and taught at Head Start, A Family Place Relief Nursery, and Nike’s Vivian Stringer Child Development Center. I have my degree in Early Childhood Education and I am also a trainer of child care workers through Portland State University, Center for Career Development. My desire now is to slow down and really be with children, not as a way of work, but a way of life. As Deb Curtis puts it, “to put the adult agenda aside and see the perspectives and the amazing ways [children] experience the world.”

I am also the mother of two amazing children who are now adults. They have grown our family to include their awesome partners and my two wonderful grandchildren.
I have always believed that there is nothing more important than taking great care of our children, not only because it is so much fun but because it invites a better tomorrow for all of us.


Susan Nasiombe

Working for and with children is an unrelenting passion of mine that has only grown stronger in each new phase of life. I have had the incredible privilege to travel internationally, to earn a Masters degree while studying Social Justice Education, to marry my great love, and to be called ‘mama’ by two strong and curious children. I have grown tremendously during time spent as a preschool teacher in private centers, head start, and family child care, and I am excited to be back at it.




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