While at school, children are served breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack. These meals are included with tuition and are an integrated part of our Food and Nutrition Curriculum. As per the USDA food program guidelines, each meal includes an age appropriate portion of various food groups. 

The food is cooked onsite by the teachers and seasonal, local and organic food is prioritized as well as food grown onsite. Children are invited to participate in food preparation as often as appropriate including a weekly ritual of making soup and bread for our Wednesday lunch. We eat “family style” and children assist in setting the table, serving themselves and clearing their place when they’re finished eating. Meals are a social time, when teachers eat with children and everyone in encouraged to enjoy the food and time together.

During meals, children are all asked to join the group at the table and put some of each type of food on their plates. However, children always get to decide which foods they try and how much they eat. At each meal we learn about the the foods being served, including the nutritional benefit of choosing to eat it. We always encourage children to listen to their bodies, especially when it comes to eating and feeling full. Everyone clears their own space after meals; composting uneaten food, stacking dirty dishes, cleaning  up spills and washing their hands and faces. 

We will work together with families to make a plan for a child that has a dietary restriction due to allergies, medical conditions, moral or religious exemptions.

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